Seth and Kat’s 4 Things You Need To Know-November 10th


What started out as a great night for the Seahawks ended with a big price. The team won 22-16 and they’re now 6-3, but Richard Sherman is out for the season after rupturing his Achilles tendon during third quarter against the Arizona Cardinals. After the game, Sherman said he’d been playing through the injury this season to help his team and “If it was anything he could play with, he’d be out there”. (Read more from Q13)

Before the game the entire team stood during the national anthem, taking a break from a protest that began with the first preseason game. Michael Bennett, who was the first Seahawk to sit on the bench in the preseason, said he stood in honor of Veterans Day, and to make it clear he respects the military. (Read more from Q13)


Taylor Swift’s highly-anticipated new album Reputation leaked online Thursday, 12 hours before its official release. The singer’s diehard fans quickly took to Twitter to express their anger. “If you want to listen to the leak ahead of time, that’s personal and that’s on you. But as a fan, you should know that Taylor wants this to be a secret until literally midnight. You’re betraying her trust,” one Swiftie wrote. Taylor is notorious for going to extreme measures to protect her music. Ed Sheeran previously revealed that he could only listen to their duet “Everything Has Changed” when a messenger traveled all the way to San Francisco and delivered him a locked briefcase that contained an iPad with just the one song on it. (Read more from Billboard)


Commuters of the future could get some relief from congested roads if Uber’s plans for flying taxis work out. The ride-hailing service unveiled an impression of the sleek, futuristic machine it hopes to start using for demonstration flights in 2020 on Wednesday. The company aims to have its first paying passengers in various cities around the world by 2023, though the plan still faces major hurdles. The battery-powered aircraft looks like a cross between a small plane and a helicopter, with fixed wings and rotors. It’s intended to soar over traffic congestion, sharply reducing city travel times. Uber hopes it will eventually become a form of mass transport and cost commuters less than using their own car, though initially it will be more expensive than that. (Read more from Forbes)


Winter is coming, and dogs need to stay warm, too! Fabdog is a canine clothing company that makes apparel and accessories for dogs, and this week the company announced the arrival of its new holiday collection, featuring matching pajama sets for you and your four-legged friend! Unfortunately, they’re sold out for now, but the company said it expects to restock on November 25. The pajama sets run for $50. In the meantime, you can still purchase other pajama sets, sweaters and puffer coats for your furry friend.And if you’re wondering, yes – there ARE ugly Christmas sweaters available. (Read more from PEOPLE)


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