Seth and Kat’s 4 Things You Need To Know-July 6th


New photographic evidence suggests that Amelia Earhart may have survived her 1937 plane crash only to live and die a captive of the Japanese. In an unearthed National Archives photo, a woman sporting pants and short hair crouches on a dock on a South Pacific island while watching a boat towing something on a barge that appears to be 38 feet long–the same length as Earhart’s plane. Also on the dock is a man with a distinctive hairline who’s believed to be her navigator, Fred Noonan. “When you see the analysis that’s been done, I think it leaves no doubt…that’s Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan,” says former FBI executive assistant director Shawn Henry. The photo will be featured this Sunday on the History Channel’s Amelia Earhart: The Lost Evidence. (Read more from NBC News)


A company called Coco Loko has introduced chocolate you can snort for an energy boost that allegedly lasts 30 minutes to an hour, without the side effects of a sugar crash. Apparently, it is “used by athletes to give them the natural competitive edge” and provides users with a “calm focus.” The powder contains cacao powder, ginko bilboa, taurine, and guarana–ingredients commonly found in energy drinks. It is being sold in 1.25-ounce containers that contain 10 servings and cost $24.99. Not surprisingly, the FDA has not yet approved of Coco Loko and medical experts suggest that for now, simply eating chocolate is a better alternative. (Read more from Washington Post)


In honor of today being International Kissing Day, several Pizza Hut locations in the U.K. are giving away Hawaiian pizza-flavored lip balm when customers buy a pineapple-topped pizza. “We wanted to give diners the perfect pout for International Kissing Day and what better way than by launching a Hawaiian-inspired lip balm for our super fans,” Pizza Hut head of communications Gareth Hopley said in a statement. “We spent months perfecting the lip balm and are delighted with the final results–it smells and tastes just like the real thing!” Digital Spy reports that the offer is limited to the first 30 customers who order a Hawaiian pizza at each location. (Read more from Digital Spy)


Rob Kardashian lashed out at baby mama/his former fiancé Blac Chyna by sharing several explicit videos, photos and texts to bolster his claims that she cheated on him, used drugs and had him pay $100,000 for post-childbirth weight-loss surgery. When his Instagram account was shut down for the graphic images, he began posting them on Twitter, which also later removed the images. In a response posted on Snapchat, Chyna seemed to accuse Rob of physically abusing her. Whether that’s true or not, Rob could be facing jail time for violating California’s revenge-porn statutes. In 2013, California added so-called “revenge porn” to its list of computer crimes. But there’s one big problem: Chyna could have a hard time proving ’emotional distress’ because she reportedly “liked” the explicit picture. (Read more from Broadly)


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