Seth and Kat’s 4 Things You Need To Know-June 13th


Fifty-five years after its grand opening, Seattle’s Space Needle will undergo a multi-million dollar and multi-year renovation. The goal: to give visitors even more sweeping views of the city. One of the biggest changes will be to the observation deck. It will become floor-to-ceiling glass, and the SkyCity Restaurant will have the first-ever rotating glass floor to provide a view straight to the ground, the Space Needle said in its announcement. The Space Needle plans to stay open during the construction—at least partially. Crews will work from an elevated work platform below the restaurant level. The SkyCity Restaurant and SkyLine event space will close until work is completed. The project is estimated to cost $100 million and will begin in September. (Read more from KING 5)


Lady Gaga has partnered with Starbucks to promote a line of colorful drinks as part of a “Cups of Kindness” campaign. The weeklong promotion, starting today (June 13) and running to June 19, includes the already-existing Starbucks menu items, Pink Drink and Ombré Pink Drink, and branches out to two new colors. The new Violet Drink blends blackberries and tart hibiscus with coconut milk and ice, while Gaga’s personal favorite, Matcha Lemonade combines matcha green tea with lemonade for a bright green beverage. Twenty-five cents of every “Cups of Kindness” beverage sold will go to Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation, which supports youth wellness and empowerment, according to a statement. Starbucks has also committed to a minimum $250,000 contribution to Born This Way Foundation.


The “sexy chest” women’s one-piece swimsuit is available just in time for summer – to the delight and horror of many. The suits come in various skin tones with realistic details from a man’s torso, including nipples and plenty of body hair all for the price of $44.95.  Beyond the shock and novelty of the “sexy chest,” the Huffington Post points out that the swimsuit can also be seen as a clever response to societal norms and body expectations in America.  While a man’s “beach body” can be topless and hairy, expectations are different for women. But if wearable chest hair isn’t your thing, might we suggest the site’s equally hairy but decidedly more adorable suit covered in photos of sloths?


Newlyweds Maria Leonardi and Justin Stone from New York had to hitch a ride to their reception in a fire truck over the weekend after the trolley bus they were on caught fire. The AP reports that the couple, who got married in Connecticut, were treated to a 15-minute voyage with wailing sirens. Neither had ever ridden in a fire truck before. “It was quite a spectacle,” Leonardi says. “It just made the best day better.” Firefighters felt bad the couple couldn’t enjoy the trolley bus ride and offered to escort them to their reception. “Those of us that are married know how much planning it takes,” Assistant Fire Chief Joe Speich explains. “We wanted to make sure they still had a special day.”

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