Seth and Kat’s 4 Things You Need To Know-January 27th


Kraft Heinz is scoring a lot of extra points with its workers for the day after “the BIG game”.  The company is planning to give all its U.S. salaried workers the day off the Monday after the NFL championship.  Heinz employees learned of the unexpected vacation day through a “Smunday” campaign video on YouTube.  The video notes the U.S. loses about one-billion-dollars in productivity the day after “the BIG game”.  The video encourages all Americans to join the push to make the Monday after the game a national holiday, and the company has also created a petition to make “Smunday” a national holiday.


The key to happiness might mean stripping down. A new study found that when people participated in nudist activities, it made them more satisfied with their bodies, and that led to them being more satisfied and happy with their lives overall. The more time they spent nude, the happier they were. The researchers say, quote, “Body image dissatisfaction is a serious, global problem that negatively affects life satisfaction.” So when you get naked in front of strangers, it helps you overcome your body image issues and that translates to a happier life. (Read more from Mirror)


An Australian dad was recently taking pictures of his 10-year-old surfing when he noticed a horrifying photobomber: a great white shark. Chris Hasson shared the image on Facebook, which features the boy looking oblivious as the giant creature swims below him. Chris’ son Eden Hasson tells The New Castle Herald that a dark shadow did catch his eye as he was surfing, but that he assumed it was seaweed. Following the incident, both Eden and his father remained just as unfazed. “I’ve always taught the children about respecting the ocean and that sharks are to be respected, not feared,” Chris explains. “Eden is not deterred and has already paddled out for a surf the next day. He loves surfing and the ocean. It’s only created a greater awareness. He adds, “I’ve surfed the area for 30 years… I’ve seen quite a few [sharks] in that time and simply paddle in if we see one and regroup for another beach or day. When you put a seat belt on you don’t worry about having an accident.”


Creepy or sexy? Mr. Clean shows off his dirty side in a new commercial scheduled to air during the upcoming “BIG game”. The 30-second clip shows the bald and beefy animated mascot strutting into a woman’s home with a bucket full of cleaning products and gazing at her as he suggestively squeezes a wet sponge. He then begins dancing like a Magic Mike character as he tackles kitchen grease and dirty floors. Mr. Clean is later revealed to be the woman’s very average-looking husband. As she jumps on him in excitement, the tagline “You gotta love a man who cleans” appears which is just perfection.

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