Sam Hunt’s Favorite Place To Write Is…In His Bathroom

People can be inspired by all kinds of things…something they see, someone they meet, etc.

But Sam Hunt‘s inspiration comes from a certain room…his bathroom.

No really, go with us here.

In a recent interview with Country Countdown USA, Hunt revealed that he gets his best songwriting done in his bathroom.

But he originally didn’t plan on writing in the bathroom, it just happened.

“I’m in this new place, and there’s a room downstairs that’s perfect for a studio. But I got in there and couldn’t feel the vibe,” Hunt tells Country Countdown USA’s Lon Helton.

“So, one night, I was sitting on a bucket in my bathroom, and it just felt right. So I’ve been writing in that bathroom for the past six months.”

Sam has since upgraded from the bucket to an actual chair, but he “need[s] to be a little uncomfortable to write.”

Hunt has yet to reveal a release date for his sophomore album, but he did admit his life on the road touring has made working on new music more difficult.

“I am trying to draw inspiration from [life in the spotlight], but it’s pretty much been stages and hotel rooms for the past two years,” Hunt admits.

“So I’m trying to figure out right now exactly what I want to say and what I want my voice to be for the second record.”

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