Why Did Luke Bryan Karate Kick Dustin Lynch’s Lunch Tray?

Dustin Lynch is pretty sure the only reason Luke Bryan takes him on the road is so he can pick on him.

This summer they’re traveling together on the Kill the Lights tour, which isn’t Lynch’s first trek with Luke Bryan, but Dustin jokes “He’s mean to me! He picks on me a lot”.

Dustin says the best backstage story from their adventures this summer was actually a pretty messy one.

Dustin told ABC Radio, “I was turning the corner coming out of catering the other day with my tray full of food. He karate kicks it out of my hands, all over me, all over the hallway and just laughs and was like, ‘Thanks, dude!'”.

There might be a payoff for all his pain and suffering.

Dustin is still hoping to get Luke into the studio to work on something together saying, “It would take a lot of convincing and begging on my end, but [it] would make sense for us to one day do something, and that would be very kind and generous of him to do.”

Besides, they have a lot in common.

Dustin went on to say “We do a lot of the same things in life together. We love being outdoors, you know. We love the adrenaline rush of hunting or fishing or whatever it is, so we’re the same guy, pretty much, as far as offstage goes… I think there is that camaraderie and likeness there.”

Another thing they have in common: number one songs.

Dustin Lynch just celebrated the number-one success of his song, “Mind Reader,” while his latest single, “Seein’ Red,” climbs the charts.

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