Tim McGraw’s Crew Can’t Keep Up With His Workout

If you’re on the road with Tim McGraw, you better be ready to workout.

The 49-year-old McGraw is in the best shape of his life, and he wants to help others in his band and crew get in great shape.

Unfortunately, none of them can keep up with him.

“It usually starts out with 10 or 15 people,” he says in an interview about people who join him for his daily workouts.

“About an hour and a half, two hours into it, it ends up being about five and then it finally dwindles down to one or two left.”

Yikes! Two hours?

So what sort of workout is Tim doing with his crew?

The tough one.

“It’s a lot of CrossFit stuff,” he says according to Sounds Like Nashville.

“We use ropes and chains and all kinds of things and run a lot. I do a lot of cardio, that’s the main thing. I work out at home in my gym, do standard stuff. You know, there’s a lot of stuff I can do without having a gym or anything – just push-ups and crunches and running.”

Wears me out just hearing about it.

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