WATCH: Brett Eldredge Shares His 22-Minute Workout

Brett Eldredge has to keep his endurance up while spending his summer on the road with Keith Urban for the Ripcord Tour, and that means keeping up with a healthy fitness routine.

The “Wanna Be That Song” singer recently chatted with Taste of Country about his 22 Minute Hard Corps workout and shares that it’s the perfect way to exercise when you live a busy life.

“The schedule on the road is pretty insane so I’m always trying to find a new workout that I can do with no gym,” Eldredge admits.

Eldredge is a fan of military-style workouts & recently discovered 22 Minute Hard Corps.

“It works your whole body. I was like, ‘If I can do this in 22 minutes, this is my gym. This is my workout,’” he says.

“The best part about it is that anybody can do it anywhere, anytime and that’s why I love it.”

22 Minute Hard Corps is an intense workout which includes everything from helicopter lunges and the bear crawl to target several muscles.

“There are so many different workouts and all these routines that it keeps it interesting other than push-ups and burpees. It’s way more than that,” he explains. “It really does work and the results definitely show up for you.”

While the workout isn’t for the faint of heart, Eldredge gave the perfect advice for anyone looking to take on the 22 Minute Hard Corps.

“Take it one day and say, ‘I’m not going to skip my workout today. I’m going to block off 22 minutes and do this.’ You’re taking it one day at a time and the next thing you know, you’re three weeks in and seeing results. That’s the way I would recommend to people,” he says.

“Give it a shot and try it. I guarantee that you’ll feel better and it will definitely work out in a way you’ve never seen.”

Whatever you are doing Brett, it’s doing the body GOOD!

HOTTTT summer….stay hydrated and get in your workout! I'm here for ya! @22hardcorps #sp

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Gotta get it in MUSIC CITY!!! @22hardcorps #sp

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Ill bring the pool, you bring the party, lets fall in love to the BEAT OF THE MUSIC!

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