WATCH: Luke Bryan and Dustin Lynch Toss Out Beers To Crowd While Performing

We all know that moment when you need a nice, cold one during a concert but you don’t want to miss anything.

So Luke Bryan and Dustin Lynch helped out their fans with that situation.

Could these guys be any cooler?

While Luke and Dustin teamed up for Brooks & Dunn’s “Play Something Country” , the duo rolled out a cooler full of beer onto the stage, and started throwing beers into the crowd.

The two got their booty-shake on as they hammed it up for fans, pointing and singing to people in the front rows and toasting to the crowd.

Between the dancing, trading hats and beer tossing, it’s easy to see these guys are having a blast on the Kill the Lights Tour, which continues through October.

Lynch says he’s even been learning a lot from Bryan, particularly when it comes to the secret behind picking the perfect pair of tight jeans.

“When you sit down a lot, you gotta have some stretch to your jeans,” he explained to Taste of County.

“There’s circulation things that need to happen for us guys — that happens a lot easier with some stretch in the jeans.”

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