Viral Videos You Have To See To Believe

Nature can be an amazing thing, but it can also be a bit terrifying. Two different people learned that this week when they had a surprising encounters caught on camera with a whale and a bear.

Sometimes, your morning paddle board session turns into an adventure straight out of National Geographic.  (Video Above)

Luke Reilly from New Zealand was doing some relaxing stand-up paddle boarding when an orca whale popped up to give him a closer look.

Reily told 3 News, “I was a bit nervous thinking, ‘what’s this guy going to do?'”

The whale rolled on its side one way, then the other, and appeared to be checking him out for about 5 minutes.

The whale even took a small nibble on his board.

He admits he was a “bit freaked out” while it was happening, but ultimately figured the animal was just curious.

Moving from the deep sea to the dark forest where a bear decided to make a run at a Swedish couple, but what happened next is unbelievable.

The couple was out training a new hunting dog in Sweden when a brown bear appeared in the trees.

The bear didn’t take long to scoop out the couple, it began charging at the man, and with seconds to react, the skilled woodsman managed to keep cool and make himself seem as large, loud and intimidating as possible.

With a loud roar, the bear quickly turned away and back into the woods.

Please remember that the right action to take in a bear encounter will depend on the type of bear and situation.

Before heading into an unknown area, take the time to learn about the animals you may encounter and how to react in a way that will minimize your risk of getting attacked.

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