Outlaw’s Top 5 Rules For Watershed

It’s about that time, son. Watershed is here!

But with hot weather and hot country comes the potential for some trouble. Here’s a few rules to follow to have the best Watershed ever:

1 – No fighting. Fighting is stupid. You came to Watershed to party, drink, and enjoy some good tunes. Don’t ruin it by getting thrown in the clink for decking some rowdy drunk dude.

2 – Bring sunscreen. Nothing ruins a party faster than getting cooked medium rare. You won’t be able to enjoy any hugs, pats on the back, or any uh-uh if things get frisky with that hottie you’ve had your eye on.

3 – Make new friends. I know you came to Watershed with your pals, but this is the perfect opportunity to meet new ones! Everyone will be full of glee and alcohol, and they’re ready to be your new weekend bestie.

4 – Drink. Country music and booze go together perfectly. There’s nothing better. You know this. So drink your face off.

5 – Don’t get pregnant. Do you really want to explain to grandma that her great grandson is the result of some dude you met behind the porta-potties while Keith Urban was rocking out? No. No you don’t.

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