The Bachelorette Episode 8 Recap

On tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette, Ashley Hebert got introduced to the families of her final four.

Ashley first visited Constantine in Cumming, Georgia. He took her to his family’s restaurant, Giorgio’s before they were off to meet his mom Elleni, dad Dimitri, and sister Maria. Elleni asked Ashley if she was ready to become part the family and relocate. Ashley said she can be happy anywhere as long as she is with the right guy and he’s happy. Meanwhile, Constantine asks his dad for his opinion. He says that love takes time, but that he likes Ashley and if Constantine says she’s the right person, he has their blessing.

The extended family arrives and the night ended with “My Big Fat Greek Bachelorette.” Opa! If Ashley could marry a guy only based on his family, Constantine would be the clear winner.

Ash then joins Ames in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania where she meets his sister Serena, brother-in-law Randy, mom Jane, brother Jim, sister-in-law Tracy and his nieces and nephews. Serena pulls Ashley aside to let her know that Ames is smitten with her, but she is concerned that Ashley does not feel the same way for her brother. Ashley confesses that their relationship is moving a lot slower than the others, but that she definitely thinks that it is worth it to learn more about him.

While Ashley chats with Ben’s mom, Serena tells Ames to step up his game romantically so he takes her on a picnic to his favorite park complete with a horse drawn carriage ride. Ames tells her how much his mom loves her and he talks about how being unpopular at boarding school made him a better person.

Ben’s date takes place in Sonoma, California. They tour his winery and Ben opens up about his father and past relationships. He reveals how much his mom Barbara and sister Julia mean to him and that he couldn’t marry a woman that they didn’t approve of.

They sit down to dinner where they toast to the event. Julia thinks Ashley is sweet, but is still skeptical because she wants to protect her brother. They sit down for a heart to heart while Barbara shows Ashley his pictures from when he was younger.

Later on, Ben tells his mom how he regrets not being there more after his dad died. Barbara thinks his dad would be proud of him and his looking down on him saying well done. He is sad to say goodbye to her and thinks he is falling in love. Ashley sees so many great things in him and thinks she can spend the rest of her life with him.

Ashley saves the best for last when she travels to Roslyn, New York to see my personal favorite JP. He takes her roller skating where they skate hand in hand and make out under the disco ball.  The date makes Ashley feel like she is in seventh grade again. JP tells Ashley that his last relationship really hurt him.

They head to JP’s home where Ashley meets his mom Ilene, dad Peter, brother Roy and his girlfriend Andrea. After they enjoy dinner, JP and Ilene talk about his past relationships and how he feels about Ashley. She wants to know if he will propose and thinks Ashley fits in with the family. Ilene sits with Ashley and tells her about his heartbreak. She wants to know how she is dealing with being with all the other men. She says she is going with her gut and that she and JP have something special. Ilene sees an outer and inner beauty in her.

Meanwhile, J.P. tells his brother that he’s ready for it to end now and he wants Ashley to pick him now. Aw. Ilene then busts out J.P.’s life-size bar mitzvah picture and is dead on when they say it’s a combination of Kirk Cameron circa “Growing Pains” and Doogie Howser.

Ashley was back to the mansion for the rose ceremony. She gave the roses to Ben, J.P. and Constantine, sending Ames home. Ashley walks him outside and they say how much they care about each other and lucky to know each other. He calls what they had beautiful and they say goodbye.

After watching the hometown dates, who do you think Ashley should pick in the end?

Tune in next week as Ash and the top three have overnight dates in Fiji!


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